Last week, Mayank spoke about the most essential summer wardrobe element, the Solid V-Neck Tshirts. Today he teaches you to style thinks up a little bit. In this week’s Men’s Essentials episode, Mayank shares his thoughts on the most important summer style staple. The Light Weight Denim/Cotton Jackets.

Daniel Craig Sporting a Denim JacketPreview

“Layering is caring.”

Keeping it light and doing it right is what separates men from the boys. Mumbai is averaging 41’C this summer and keeping things stylish as a man is becoming more and more daunting. But thankfully, there are some budget friendly, forever stylish brands who are helping men stay put with their summer outfits.

Classic and Time less.

Jack and Jones, Pepe Jeans, Levis, Zara, Provogue and Wrangler are few such names. If you are looking to buy yourself the first light-weight jacket, Mayank highly recommends a visit to these brand outlets.

Remember, fit is king.

Its always a good idea to size down whilst trying various options. The current collection of light-weight summer jackets is undoubtedly the best one in Indian market.


Buying a good quality jacket with minimal distressing (if any), subtle or solid colours and slim-fitting will not only last you, but will also keep you stylish for years. Don’t get into the fashion hush-hush and buy something very trendy. Keep it simple. Keep it classic.


Best of luck on your Light-Weight jacket hunting journey. If you find something cool, something worth sharing, tweet it or message it to Mayank’s Twitter or Facebook and he will share it on his page or upcoming videos.


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