There is no doubt that Chinos and Khakis are the perfect summer pants. Light weight and stylish these pants are indeed a must have in a man’s wardrobe. But so is the necessity of few well fitting shorts. Shorts aren’t only comfortable and relaxing to wear but are incredibly versatile when wore right. Watch the video as Mayank explains the basics of a good fitting short. He also covers the three must have shorts in a man’s wardrobe and explains you the importance of fit and aesthetics.

The shorts fit

Short enough that your knees are visible or just slightly covered if standing still. Long enough that you’re not showing the world you rarely tan your thighs. Personally speaking, the knee line is the perfect guide. 1-2 inches above the knee is a safe bet.

Shorts Fit

Image Courtesy – Primer Magazine.

Anything past the knees has ceased to be “shorts.” Those are high-cut pants, which is something else entirely (and not very flattering). A close/slim fit in the seat and straight legs down to the top of the knees looks good on most men. The style is reminiscent of military shorts, and their descendants.

No Baggy. Please don't!

No Baggy. Not Marathon Shorts. Not 3/4th. Please don’t!

Besides the evergreen low-top Chuck Taylor’s and leather flip-flops (don’t do sandals, just don’t!), slip-on casual shoes like boat shoes, driving moccasins or loafers are good companions to shorts. They don’t require socks (though if you need them for comfort inside the shoe, most good shoe stores will have “ballet” or “invisible” socks that don’t show above the shoe).

Shorts Shoes Guide. Image Courtesy - Primer Magazine.

Shorts Shoes Guide. Image Courtesy – Primer Magazine.

Here is a gallery of images featuring various shorts styles.

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    Mayank Bhattacharya
    June 1, 2015 at 14:42


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    June 1, 2015 at 15:46

    good video Mayank.If possible watch my videos as well.Keep up the good work

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    Malaquias Alfaro
    June 2, 2015 at 08:48

    I agree with you about the length of the shorts. Some people want them above the knee and that really isn’t for me. I make sure it just barely hits mid-knee and nothing past that

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    Melvin Koopmans
    June 4, 2015 at 17:26

    Great video! Completely agree on the fit. Slim fit shorts which end just above the knee definitely stand out from the crowd (in a possitive way obviously). You should take a look at ZARA’s new linnen collection. This collection has great shorts made of lightweight linnen. Perfect for summer (and the fit is awesome). Link:

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