We have discussed a lot about monk straps, oxfords and brogues. But we haven’t really spoken about the most ‘dressy’ or the most formal among these formal shoes. This video is all about the most formal men’s footwear.

If you have seen the movie “Kingsman” then you would remember Colin Firth’s most famous phrase from the movie ‘OXFORDS NOT BROGUES’.


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An Oxford shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed “closed lacing”. They are normally black or brown, and may be plain or patterned (Brogue).

Oxfords are the most formal dress shoe in a man’s wardrobe. But choosing the most versatile oxford is very subjective. The choice of the kind of dress shoe depends upon occasion and purpose.

A plain classic black oxford with no broguing is termed as the perfect dress shoe, which is apt for the uniform jobs.


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On the other hand if you are a Corporate Employee or a Company Executive you do not have to restrict yourself to the plain black oxford shoes.  Being a lifestyle blogger gives a lot of room for experimenting with different types of dress shoes.

Other types of dress shoes:

  • Black Brogue Oxford

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These are the most popular of all business shoe styles and are less dressy. The brogues are decorative stitching and perforated and serrated edges, this rule is flexible.

  • Monk Straps

The Monk Strap is a European classic which has a buckle on the side.

They are not the most dressy shoes in a man’s wardrobe but these definitely are the must have shoes.


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Black dress shoes are very versatile and can work with suits, chinos and slacks, especially dark chinos and slacks.

Black shoes not only dress up your jeans but would dress up your entire outfit and would make you stand out from the crowd.

Quick Tip:  Remember do not buy a shoe that is too shiny that will just make it too dressy and the versatility of the shoe will be lost. Keep the shoe a little shiny and matte; this makes the shoe a lot more versatile.

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