Ultimate Blazer, Sports Coat, Suit Jacket Fitting and Buying GUIDE

ULTIMATE BLAZER, SPORTS COAT, Suit Jacket Fitting and Buying GUIDE

There is nothing more sexy and attractive than a well tailored blazer/ sports coat or a suit. Mayank says its like a modern man’s superhero costume. You wear it and you know you mean business. But tailoring that custom piece isn’t an affordable option for everyone. A bespoke suit can cost thousands of dollars or nearly half a lakh Indian rupees. And that is a lot of money. So, how to go about it? How to find that perfect affordable fit? In this video Mayank breaks down the three essentials components of a jacket fit.

How  Should a Jacket Fit?


General Fit

The Shoulders


The Sleeve

justright SleeveLength

The Jacket Length

SuitJacket_Length properjacketlength1

Check Your Jacket Length with this Hackcupped-hands-blazer-trick
Fitting Options

Modainstyle-fit-guide-update Suit-Jacket-and-Blazer-Alterations

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