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Modern Undercut Hairstyle Tutorial | Mayank Bhattacharya

Modern Undercut Hairstyle Tutorial | Mayank Bhattacharya

This video in detail defines the way I style my undercut and get my perfect pompadour.

Please note this is my personal approach to a pompadour, different people will have different ways to style their undercut.

Step 1: Post the hair wash, pat dry the soaking wet hair with the help of a towel since damp hair are needed to be blow dried and get the lift right.

Step 2: As we need damp hair with some moisture in them to work with, we use a blow dryer and comb to style the hair the way desired to get a base. Blow dryer can also be used to add more volume to the hair if needed.


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Step 3: Pre-styling product is important for hair-styling since it sets your hair in right place, gives you hair a general shape and adds substantial volume to your hair.

I recommend Bed Head Totally Baked as the pre-styling product by Bed head TIGI.


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Once the product is completely in the hair, we again start blow drying.

Step 4: One of the key points to get more volume in your hair is to use a blow dryer. The dryer is supposed to be blown in the direction of your hair growth and then in the opposite direction to add some volume to the hair which would give it the pomp required for the pompadour.

Step 5: If you have fine thin hair then I would recommend you use a hair iron/ hair straightener. The hair straightener helps give your pompadour a concrete shape.


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Step 6: Now that we are done with blow drying and straightening of the hair we would style them by using some hair styling wax i.e., the Bed Head Matte Separation.

The thing with styling wax or paste is that use minimum amount of product since you have to layer up the hair product in your hair. Add more wax if needed.


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Step 7: So now that the hair setting and styling is done if you want a stronger hold and if you want to lock this hair-style then can use the Bed Head Hard Head hair spray.

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