How To Protect/Dry Leather Shoes in Rain

How To Protect/Dry Leather Shoes in Rain

Leather and water is not really an ideal combination. Unless specifically treated to be water-proof, leather absorbs water and this tends to affect the shape, look and feel of the shoes, apart from aging it faster. If your shoes do get wet, however, they should be dried as soon as possible. The following are the 3 easiest steps to help you dry your leather soulmate:

  1. The ideal way is to leave them on their sides in the shade (not in direct sunlight or  a hair dryer!).
  2. If your shoes are regularly polished it adds a water repellent quality to them. This is important because, the less water is absorbed by leather, the longer it will last.

  3. Stuffing the wet shoes with newspaper or tissue paper can help absorb the moisture quicker. The paper absorbs the moisture from within as well as helps retain the original shape of the shoe while the leather dries. Now depending on the magnitude of soak-damage, you may have to change the paper every few hours until the shoes completely dries off.
    You can also use a Shoe-Horn if available.

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