Insecurities and possessiveness. There is a very fine line of difference between the two. It is important to understand the difference between the two. It is important to know the difference between being a jerk and not be a jerk.

There are 3 main reasons of insecurities:
1. Not trusting yourself or not knowing your self-worth: now what do you mean by not understanding your self worth? Somewhere down the line you feel that you are not good enough for your girlfriend. You might feel that she is this majestic beauty whohappens to be in love with you for some reason and you are not good enough or do not match her standards, blah, blah, all these stupid reasons! You need to trust yourself. You need to understand that you have something in you that made that hot chic fall for you. Don’t underestimate yourself, there has to be something in you that made her fall in love with you. TRUST YOURSELF.

2. Lack of communication: We as human beings, we need to communicate, we need to talk because we are that type of animals who cannot communicate without talking. It is important that you talk, talk to someone as important as your SO or you might end up screwing up your relationship. So whatever it is, be honest and talk to your SO because you do not want to loose your SO because of something stupid. Lack of communication with your partner especially about the things you are insecure about might screw your whole relationship and you don’t want any of that. So start communicating.

3. Claiming your property: No matter how hot or sexy or good looking your partner is, she/he is a human being. NOT A FERRARI. You can definitely not own her and drive her the way you want. Your partner is a human being, you are a human being. Both of you have emotions and feelings and both of you need to respect each others feelings and decisions. Both of you have a personal life and both of you have group of friends. Her group of friends includes guys too. So if you have a problem with her guys friends, you my friend are not supposed to be in a relationship in the first place.

But there are exceptions that your girl has some jerk guy friends who she should not be friends with and even you are friends with and evil queen who you shouldn’t be friends with. So these things can workout only if you are on excellent talking terms. where you share your personal life to that level where no third element can interfering in your life causing any kinds of problem. Nothing can cause insecurities in your relationship if you trust each other.

Trust, Respect and Communication are the three most important things in a relationship.If you have these three, there is nothing in this world that can cause harm to your relationship.

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    #Mens #Relationship #Advice | How to Deal With #Insecurities? Simple Solution

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