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Best FAIRNESS Cream for MEN?

Best FAIRNESS Cream for MEN? 


Men's FairnessI’ve been trying to ignore this question. I’ve been running away from it. But By god you people! Out of all the questions about Men’s Lifestyle, you ask about Fairness and skin complexion? Fairness? Like seriously? How to get a fairer skin? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!?!

We understand that you see celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh , Saif Ali Khan and even Shah Rukh Khan for that matter endorsing these fairness grooming and cosmetic products and we get it that you want to look like Varun Dhawan or Shah Rukh Khan and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Actually, its a pretty good thing, one should always aspire to look a certain way. And idols and role models are the perfect way to move forward.

But don’t you dare say that you are uncomfortable with whatever skin complexion you have. THIS IS PLAIN STUPID. PERIOD.

Its sad to see that these companies sell their products solely and only based on man’s complexion. What has the world come to? What happened to the world of masculinity we were living in? These companies and brand ambassadors aren’t trying to sell you a grooming product or a facial moisturizer! They are trying to sell you a way to find sexiness and attractiveness among women.

Its  does not matter if you are a dark guy , or a tall guy, or a short guy, or a FAIR-Y PRINCESS. None of this matters. Yes, it is important to take care of yourself. Yes, it is important to have a regular grooming routine.  And yes it is important to have the right haircut and a well groomed face but it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with fairness. Where does fairness even fit into the whole aspect of men’s grooming?

As the Modern Men of 21st century, the only thing we should be interested in buying is CONFIDENCE. But guess what? Nobody is selling it because, they can’t sell confidence just like that. None of this fairness B.S. will make you feel as confident as a nice haircut, or a well fitted shirt or a nicely tailored suit or anything like that. The point here being- becoming a better version of yourself, taking care of yourself, and having a well groomed physique and a well groomed body and face shouldn’t have to do anything with fairness because it is  absolutely irrelevant.

FUN FACT: Do you even know how fair Varun Dhawan is? Or how much makeup and how much post production work is done to make him look that fair on-screen? First of all, he is bloody fair and secondly, there is tons of makeup and tons of post production work to make him look even fairer. So why do you even want to compete with all that non sense?

Now you may think that we are Oh-so-against the concept of fairness products and these celebrities endorsing these products, and truthfully we are. But we aren’t majorly against these products, we are against the idea of branding, the idea of confidence they are trying to sell buy using these stupid products. However, there are always some exceptions, say 2 out of 10 products being good and 2 out of 10 advertisements and campaigns being actually “FAIR”  to the whole men’s styling and grooming community.

This is the 21st century and being the modern men, not even modern, as the men itself we are supposed to go out and ride that bike and do some sports or hike and do whatever we want! So how does it even matter that we don’t have that perfect  Varun Dhawan or Saif Ali Khan type fair or  ‘Gora-Chitta’ complexion! So why worry about it, especially now, in this age! *sigh*.

Anyway, the point being, don’t crib and don’t be disheartened by pity things like fairness complexion and all these things because these aren’t worth your time and energy! There area thousand other things that you can actually work on which will really, really  make your visual appearance, your visual persona and your whole visual identity look much more appealing and sexy and much more attractive. Work on them. Improve them. And become the best version of yourself. And not some fairness princess.

Embrace the sexy that you are!

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