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5 Men’s STYLE and FASHION MISTAKES | Party Edition | Fashion Mistakes by Men

5 Men’s STYLE and FASHION MISTAKES | Party Edition | Fashion Mistakes by Men


So you have the perfect parties lined up. you and your friends are about to go out and have fun. You are excited. Your friends are excited. You are about to kick some ass. But do you realize that dressing sharp and being stylish in a very important component of kicking ass!

Gentlemen, here are five party mistakes we don’t want you to make and look like an absolute style retard. so this list caters to the parties that area little exclusive. Meaning- parties at a night  club, recreational clubs and discs and concerts and others like that. So let’s get started!

StyleMistake #1

Graphic T-shirts- This is not a pool party and you are not a fourteen year old. You want to look sexy and stylish so stick with the classics- V-necks, crew necks, henleys, polos. Wear anything that suits your personality and anything that suits your body but please don’t wear a graphic t-shirt!

StyleMistake #2

Sport shoes and Boat shoes- For godsake GET THE HELL OVER THEM! No matter how expensive your nike are but sport shoes and boat shoes can’t dress up sh*t! Yes they are very stylish and yes they are a must have in a man’s wardrobe but they are not dress shoes. Invest in a goodpair of leather shoes, it will elevate your style instantly.

StyleMistake #3

Distressed and Light faded denims- Nobody in the party is intrested in counting the number of holes in your jeans. Get over these already! Its night, its dark and you’resupposed to blend in. Be that mystical man, that handsome dude that everyone wants to know about. That is how you wanna dress and that is how you wanna present yourself. Absolutely not like fancy dress clown.

StyleMistake #4

Formal shirt vs Casual shirt- Understand the difference between a casual button up shirt and a formal shirt. Don’t use your DESI LOGIC to treat every shirt with buttons as formal because its not. There is an obvious difference between casual button up shirtsand formal button upshirts, understand the difference and ditch your casual button upshirts for formal events, parties and night outs.

StyleMistake #5

Fit is the key- How difficult is it to understand that FIT is KING. FIT IS SEXY. One needs the right fit to elevate their sexy. A well tailored suit or a well tailored dress shirt can up your style game!

Buy something that fits. Buy something tapered and well tailored which is going to make you look absolutely sexy and attractive instantly. Nowgo out there and kick some ass!

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