5 FASHION and STYLE TIPS for INDIAN MEN | Stylish Tips for Indian Men

5 FASHION and STYLE TIPS for INDIAN MEN | Stylish Tips for Indian Men

The following five tips aren’t specific to Indian men but can definitely make one look more stylish and dapper than anyone else!  This one is for those groups of men who don’t always want to wear suits yet look their personal best.

The five basic Fashion and Style Tips listed below would surely be useful in enhancing your personal style, your visual image.

Tip #1: FIT

It doesn’t matter what piece of cloth you are wear it should just fit you well, let be shirts, pants, suits or sherwani .

Fit is the key to showing off your body in the most favourable manner. We wear clothes to look sexy and stylish, we wear clothes to show off our masculine body then why not wear a tapered shirt and a well fit pant.

The baggy button-ups and jeans aren’t trending anymore.

Therefore, find yourself a good tailor and get all your shirts and pant altered to fit your best. A simple alteration can make your Rs. 1,000 shirt look like Rs. 3,000 shirt then why not do it.


For any of you gents out there who want to look their best, it is essential to understand the colour game. Bright and shiny yellow and purple shirts, the bright and shiny parts of these shirts make them look very loud and lousy.

Stick to matte finish and basic colours, the five timeless and versatile colours are white, grey, black, navy and maroon which complement all skin and complexion types.

In case you need some colour coordination help check out the Instagram page for reference.


Understand the importance of different cuts, styles and patterns and the different occasions you must wear them at.


Grooming is the most underrated lifestyle aspect of an Indian man.

Get a haircut the suits your face and develop a routine for scheduling haircuts, be clean shaven if you have a sharp face, trim all and define that beard if you intend to grow one and moisturize your face regularly as you done want an old one.

Hence, groom it right gentlemen.


Get a brown leather dress shoe with a brown leather matching belt get another brown leather casual shoe with matching casual belt.

Wear bracelets, wear watches, wear a pocket square with suits.

Match your socks with your dress pants and put on some sun glasses.

Its about time gentlemen that you ditch your average look and take pride in your modern, masculine outfits.

Be bold, be different and be proud of it.

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    I have saw more tutorials on YouTube doing the same on the sweat proof t-shirt. But these t-shirts are not available in our country. So it’s my humble request to you to look in the matter and help ASAP.

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