3 CASUAL Style Items Every Man Needs

3 CASUAL Style Items Every Man Needs

There is no denying that suits, sport coats and blazers are the most important items of a man’s wardrobe. You wear it with a pair trousers and oxfords and god damn you are the best dressed individual around. But wearing a well tailored suit or a sport coat is not an everyday option for everyone. There are times when you need to scale down. There are places when you need to tone down your fancy formals and rock on your classic casuals.

In this video tutorial, Mayank shares his 3 must have casual items in a modern man’s timeless wardrobe.

 1. Shoes

Starting from the bottom, a good pair of casual leather shoes. The footwear you decide can make or break your whole damn outfit. You can wear some fancy jeans and an expensive T-Shirt, but it’ll all look like an absolute dog crap if you don’t invest in a good pair of shoes. A leather sneaker, Driving mocs, boat shoes, Suede Boots, Desert boots or a pair a of matte brown loafers like these. There are many casual options to choose from and none of them are all that expensive. Especially during the sales. The only thing to keep in mind is the colour and the shoe material. Leather and a black or brown. If this is your first pair of casual shoe, I insist you restricting yourself to these two colours. They are timeless. They are classic. They work with everything casual and they are always in fashion.


2. Jeans

Moving up the ladder is a pair of good fitting denim. Slax and trousers are good but a good pair of denim is a necessity.

3. T-Shirts

Yes, they are awesome! Yes, we all love them. But there are a few points to keep mind.

1. It should be a slim fit.

2. You must have a good masculine body.

Because truth be told, T-Shirts look best when wore on a muscular physique. But don’t be be sad or disheartened if you do not have the perfect physique to don the uber sexy V-Necks or crew necks. Try a Polo or a Henley. The added buttons and collar stabilizes the visual symmetry and makes you look a lot more aesthetic than usual.

Irrespective of your age, race or whatever. a black, a white, a blue, white, a maroon and a grey T shirt is a must have in your casual cool wardrobe.

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    Great ! I was looking for a collar stay technique, and it leads me here from youtube. thanks for the great tips. And keep helping us stay in style !

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