About Mayank

Mayank Bhattacharya is an Indian YouTuber, entrepreneur, filmmaker, a hobby pilot and country’s one of the best Communication coach.

From transformation workshops to thousands of videos on YouTube and social media, Mayank Bhattacharya has helped millions of men around the globe in becoming their best versions.

Be it classic style, personal grooming, Health & fitness, personal development and entrepreneurship, Mayank Bhattacharya’s workshops and social media content are probably the only things a man would need to begin his life-changing transformation.


With fortune 500 companies like Gillette, Hyundai and Intel, Mayank Bhattacharya has produced well over 50 branded campaigns and digital advertisements.


Mayank Bhattacharya’s new start-up apparel line, TMB Basics, is slowly and steadily making it’s way to challenge the affordable luxury segment of the country. Show now at


Established in 2014, Mayank Bhattacharya’s Personal Mentoring, Image Consultation and Personality Development Sessions are one of the very first (and best) in the country.

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Mayank understands the importance of visual aesthetics and personal style. He also knows it's importance in transforming a man from inside-out. Be it the job-interview next week, a high-profile business meeting or your much awaited wedding; Mayank will make sure you look your absolute best.


Personality is the supreme value, and should be regarded as an end and not merely as a means to an end. Your style and grooming can surely draw the initial attention but it's your personality that makes someone stay. Mayank dives deep in the psychology of the Masculine and helps one understand the honest reality of being a high value man.


Being physically attractive is the very first step to success. But poor social and communication skills are the two very underrated aspects of an attractive man's life. If being physically attractive was all that it took to attract and impress your soul mate, then the world would have been at a much different place. But sadly, it's not and that's where Mayank can help you bridge the gap between your attraction and communication to be with your loving soul mate.


Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general. Mayank is not a certified nutritionist or a personal trainer. But has been avidly researching and practicing strength training, cardio-vascular enudarance and lifestyle nutrition for well over a decade now. Fitness isn't a shortcut to muscle, it is rather a lifestyle change. It is rather about one's physical and mental well-being. Mayank with his decade long expertise in weight training will help you get to your physical goals without making things complexed or complicated.


Social Media isn't a gimmick, it isn't new media. It is the MEDIA. If you want to scale your start-up or SMB using Influencer marketing and social media, Mayank's multiple start-up success and failures is of great value. From branding to marketing to anything in between, Mayank has an eye to figure out a Start-up's marketing pain and his expertise as a Social Media Influencer helps ease out the process.

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